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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Flavor of The Day...(Warning: For Breast-Friendly Audiences Only)

photo: courtesy of Izzy
Most breastfeeding moms are aware that breast milk varies in flavor depending upon what they eat. Unlike the formula-fed baby who eats the same old thing, day in and day out, the breastfed baby is exposed to a world of taste. This is a great benefit of breastfeeding which, research has shown, can have an impact on shaping a child's palate.

When nursing an infant, you can only imagine what flavors your milk might have on a particular day. I thought that things would be different with toddler nursing but Izzy was never especially vocal about flavor, just insistent upon having his beloved "boobie" without many accompanying remarks.

Now he barely nurses at all and when he does, he is usually in a state of half-sleep. This morning was different. He sleepily nursed on one side and rolled over. I got up and when I returned to the bed he sat up and said "I want this."(pointing to my boobies). I said you already nursed and he said, "I didn't have both sides.." I couldn't very well argue so I agreed and he nursed for about 30 seconds, looked up with a big grin and said, "Mama, your milk tasteses(sic) different every time." "Like what? I asked. "Like flavored milks." He answered.

Now I want to know if it was chocolate or strawberry..


Bean's Mum said...

It is nice to hear any description from those nursing who can speak of it. I often wonder what the magical allure is, and how they never seem to tire.

Commonplace iris said...

Hi there, I stumbled by your blog recently and have been following along ever since.

I've wondered about how much the taste of breastmilk varies myself, my daughter is only barely starting to speak though so I can't ask her at the moment.

We have some friends who are 3 and 5 who I'm told confidently assured another friend of ours that my daughter drinks milk from me and that sometimes it's chocolate milk. Could easily be true, I have hot cocoa with molasses for breakfast every day! Of course the same children claim she sometimes drinks the milk from my finger so I'm not sure how reliable their information is!

Izzy's Mama said...

Hi Iris,
Glad you found me! Breast milk does vary according to one's diet, though I am not sure that all foods impact its flavor in the same way. I imagine that more intensely-flavored foods would have a greater impact.