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Monday, August 27, 2007

Passover Brisket: A Resurrection

This past April, we celebrated Passover with a meal at my house. The main course was brisket, made from some rather pricey, grass-fed beef. I had prepared two whole briskets for a small crowd and my fridge was filled with leftovers. I froze a rather large quantity of the brisket and promptly forgot about it.

Whilst poking inside my freezer this morning, I discovered the old Passover brisket and decided to bring it back to life. Of course given my current status as laziest cook ever, I chose the easiest possible route. I allowed the meat to defrost and then chopped it up into small pieces. I sauteed two large onions until nice browned, added a bit of hot green pepper, chopped cilantro and a jar of this miraculous Salsa Verde sauce from Trader Joe's. I served the beef with soft tacos, tomatoes, rice and sour cream. I think we all preferred it to the Passover meal and it was certainly less stressful.

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