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Monday, August 20, 2007

Lemonade 5 Cents? Fat Chance

More like, lemonade, $4...at Bouchon Bakery that is...which I guess shouldn't surprise me that much since it is located in the fancy Time-Warner building. At least it was large, lemony and thirst-quenching for Izzy and me.

Little did I know I was on the way to lemonade lunacy. I figured one lemonade expenditure like that for a week was no big deal. After all, how often do I buy homemade lemonade anyway..?

Apparently more often than I mean to since the next day I came face-to-face with the lemonade stand at "da feast". I had to buy one for Izzy since it was the only alternative to soda (an extreme no-no) or water which was too dull a beverage for that event. It was surprisingly good but shockingly expensive for the venue. I plunked down three bucks for that one. And I found myself doing the same the following night.

I think it may be time for Izzy to open his own lemonade stand... If he charges $1 it will definitely be a bargain!

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