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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Scream For (Homemade) Ice Cream: A Long Beach Island Quest

We have been on this island for almost a week and have yet to unearth any homemade ice cream shop. The ice cream scene is positively dismal with either chains like Rita's or shops like the Custard Hut which carry national brands like Turkey Hill or Hershey's. How can it be that in this summery locale, Ben and Jerry's is the top choice? Where is the homemade blueberry ice cream I long for?

I remember a visit to Crane's Beach in Massachusetts and the discovery of a roadside ice cream stand. There I ate a dreamy cup of ice cream, made with Maine blueberries..it almost seemed like a mirage for when I returned a year later, it had vanished.

Maybe I won't find ice cream like that ever again (unless I make it myself) but there must be something comparable..I still have a few days here to find it.


Anonymous said...

Pssst -- You need to get out of Beach Haven (it's the most commercial town on the island). Head up to the North end of the island. There's a nice little ice cream shop in Barnegat Light and Izzy would have a good time climbing up to the top of the lighthouse.

Izzy's Mama said...

I have never been up that way..what is the place called? Is it homemade?? Do tell!!