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Saturday, August 4, 2007

I Bet The Chinese Food Here Is Terrible...

Ever since My Cousin Vinny, A. and I have had this running joke whenever faced with Chinese food outside the NYC area. When my best friend L. first suggested we come out to Route 22 in Green Brook, N.J. and eat Chinese I had to suppress a giggle. Chinese food in a strip mall zone? How good would that be..? She insisted that we would not be disappointed.
I quickly learned I would have to eat my words, not to mention everything else they served at this superb Chinese banquet hall, The Dynasty.

The first time we went we feasted like royalty. Last night was no different, as L. treated us to an evening of Chinese wonder, dishes included a succulent roast chicken with scallions, meltingly tender and sweet eggplant, bai-lin mushrooms with spinach, and a duck fried rice that it is impossible to stop eating, just to name the highlights.
Izzy and I enjoyed our meal immensely. but were disappointed that A. did not get to join us for dinner. He remains skeptical that such a place exists but now we know better.

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