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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Made It To Marvel's: A Walk To Find Doughnuts

Funny, I really don't like doughnuts but I will make exceptions for exceptional ones. When L., a LBI vacationer for many moons, said that we must try the homemade doughnuts at Marvel's Market in Beach Haven, I had to investigate. The shop is about a mile or so from where we are staying so I thought it would be the perfect morning walk. For Izzy, Grandpa and me, it would be an adventure.

I pushed Izzy in his stroller, lucky him, and Grandpa Joe and I tried to walk along briskly. When we got there, doughnut making was in full swing. Izzy was entranced as he watched the doughnuts being dropped into the hot oil. I could barely tear him away to eat his. Eventually he joined us on a bench outside and by the time we had left a half an hour or so later he had eaten three, a cream-filled (too heavy and fake cream), cinnamon sugar (light), and plain (also light, not too greasy). I should have stopped him but I figured this was certainly a unique experience and we would not be visiting any more doughnut shops in the near future.

This doughnut shop appears to be a local institution for those in the know. I am not sure that I would travel great distances for them but if you are in the area they make a fine morning outing (They are open from 9-2 p.m. but it seems that doughnut making ends around noon.)

Since I am not a true doughnut aficionado, I am not quite sure what makes a great doughnut. What I found alluring about these was the simple fact that they were freshly made. They seemed light and not too greasy.


Anonymous said...

These are a favorite of my family. My nephews drove all the way from Barnegat Light to pick some up the other weekend. There's usually quite a long line for them as well. The secret is -- you guessed -- a freshly made donut. There's nothing like 'em. My favorites are actually the plain ones.

Anonymous said...

freshly made before your eyes by the donut robot! (and a teenager usually) ... automated donut machines make me drool