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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Goats Gone Done Me Wrong Song

I went searching for Do Re Mi Goat cheese at the Sprout Creek Farm Stand (Union Square Greenmarket) a few weeks ago. The vendor told me that they didn't have any plain cheese available but could offer me a container with a hint of sun-dried tomato and curry. Sounded odd and tasted that way but I bought it anyway..some goat cheese being better than none.

Following week same locale. Still no more plain goat cheese. This time though they had some flavored with fresh figs..mighty fine pairing so I bought it. Why was there flavored cheese but no plain? Inquiring minds wanted to know.

The vendor sheepishly (goatishly?) explained that the goats were not producing enough milk..Why was milk available for flavored cheese but not for plain? It seems that scant amount of milk that the goats were actually producing was not rich enough to be made into plain cheese so instead it had to be doctored up.

Today..got to the market quite late..was there any plain goat cheese? YES, she sold out 30 containers..and last week, while we were away, the market was empty and hardly any sold..

Fine goats you are, increasing your milk production while we're away, see if I care..

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