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Friday, August 3, 2007

They Will Even Visit From Manhattan For This

photo: Sarah Cole

Marco and Pepe is the Jersey City restaurant you take your friends to when they are so kind as to make the "trip" from the city to visit. After all they must be rewarded for even venturing on the Path train. The best part is, once they eat there, you can be assured they will visit again.

I managed to lure my friend Sarah over on Friday night with promises of dinner at Marco and Pepe. She was delighted to oblige, despite the soaring temperatures, especially since she had been dreaming of it since her last visit.

Izzy and I walked up to find her already seated al fresco and we immediately sat down to study the menu. We all shared a fresh and colorful lobster and corn salad, topped with dollops of guacamole, which somehow rendered the dish both rich and light all at once. It was lovely to behold as well as eat. One taste caused Izzy to proclaim, "Mama, I love lobster!"

Following the lobster, Izzy had his usual risotto variation and I had the burger, which has been my inclination the past few occasions we have eaten there. Sarah had a half-portion of cod which turned out to be just the right amount. Our meal was perfect but there was only one problem, in our zeal to eat, I kept forgetting about photos, even though I had Sarah with me, who happens to be a great photographer, with camera in hand. I would only remember after I had already disturbed the artful presentations. How do food bloggers do it? How and when do they photograph their food? I find it so difficult, especially when Izzy is itching to dig his fork into his dinner.

Not only was Izzy happy with his food, but he was also suitable entertained by his friend M., who we seem to always run into eating there with his family. They entertained each other quite nicely throughout the meal, making dining leisurely for all. We will be sure to return to Marco and Pepe as the food is consistently good and as I have mentioned before, the menu has the most kid-friendly option imaginable, the half-portion.

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