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Sunday, August 5, 2007

From Staten Island to Long Beach Island

Walking back from our first jaunt to the beach this morning, I overheard the some neighbors discussing an unnamed food establishment.
One said, "Yeah, the food there is awesome for down here. They import it from Staten Island."
I had to ask..."Where?"....Answer: "Mario's Deli". Funny we were already planning to try it for lunch since it is around the corner.

Mario's is an honest, above average Italian deli, with hearty prepared dishes, salads and made to order sandwiches. Go for the eggplant rollettes, Izzy favorite, soft slices of eggplant rolled with ricotta cheese or better yet, the round cappellini frittata. They even had a platter of stuffed artichokes. The meatballs are worthy of an Italian grandma and the sandwiches are filling

I picked up a small selection for our deck lunch, eggplant rolletes, broccoli rabe and mozzarella sandwich and a cappellini frittata. Izzy had some of everything as he had worked up a big appetite during his first morning of surfing. We all ate so much we feared we would have no room for dinner.

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