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Monday, July 9, 2007

Can I Tame The Sweets Monster?

While in Paris, I allow myself to stray from my generally healthful eating habits. It is nearly impossible to keep myself away from all of the patisseries, brimming with all manner of delights. And so Izzy has joined me and I worry that when get back home, he will expect to continue his three sweets a day habit.

Today started out right..we had yogurt and melon.. Then we left the house and Izzy had a pain au chocolat and I had a croissant..Why does pain au chocolat seem like a breakfast item to me when I would never even consider giving Izzy chocolate in the morning at home? Blame it on Paris.

A bit later, we stopped for some steamed milk and tea (both with added sugar). Then it was time for a brief stop for some sandwiches. As soon as they were finished, Izzy requested dessert. It was probably about 1:30 and it was already time for another sweet. We stopped for an incredible chocolate macaron that was stuffed with salted caramel. Divine!
Later in the day, when hunger pangs struck, I was better prepared. I had saved his sandwich from lunch and he finished it for his snack. Phew..I avoided a third dessert. And shockingly enough, we didn't get ice cream either.
We had dinner and afterwards, a dessert request was denied. When we got back to our apartment, Izzy claimed to still "need" his dessert. So I gave him a banana and that seemed to work! I guess there is hope that I can squelch those dessert cravings once back at home.

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