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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rainy Paris? Picnic Indoors

Another morning in Paris, another breakfast at home. After yesterday's whirlwind of walking and activity, I decided today was a day for neighborhood exploration. We went out in search of the local "marche" which turned out to be somewhat disappointing. Maybe we were too early, but the Marche des enfants rouges didn't hold much appeal. And I couldn't find a much talked about restaurant near there either.

What we did do, though, was buy some more wonderful fruits, cheeses and bread to have around. Then we searched in vain for a particular creperie, but alas, there was nobody in the window. And so it was back to the sandbox at Place des Vosges, where Izzy was the only child to brave the drizzle. When the rain seemed to be winning, I suggested we go buy some picnic fixings and head for home for an indoor picnic.

We headed over to rue St. Antoine, where I used to do my daily shopping. The traiteur (Au Sanglier: 49 rue St. Antoine, Paris 4eme) I frequented was still there and seemed more popular than ever as the line snaked out of the shop. As we waited, Izzy and I perused all of the possibilities and he selected the following: duck pate, rabbit pate with pistachios, beet salad and cucumber salad. It seemed like a bargain for 13 euros (compared to our meals out it was!).
I laid out the spread and we feasted. He loved the rabbit pate and beet salad and we both felt like stuffed pigs. He wanted to know why I never cook rabbit at home..Good question.
After lunch all I wanted was a nap.. I managed to have a small one and then it was time to keep wandering. Off for some ice cream and shopping.

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