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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Stuck Inside? Have A Cheese Feast

Our third day in Paris it rained. Without raincoats, boots and other accessories, this meant far too much time spent indoors. We breakfasted on baguette, fruit and yogurt and ventured out to a nearby boulangerie for a very mediocre sandwich au poulet for lunch. We scurried back in because we were both cold and wet. At around 2 p.m., when the rain finally took a short break, we wandered out in a new direction. We found a park for Izzy and he ran around for a brief spell before it started to drizzle at which point I decided we needed to stock up on some provisions.

It suddenly occurred to me that we were only steps away from a great market street and some first-rate cheese. At the fromager, I selected a soft, round St. Marcellin and a hunk of Chaource, both cow's milk cheeses. At the fruit shop we bought some bananas and some framboises that were so irresistible we ate them on the spot. A baguette completed our purchases. We hauled it all home and had a late afternoon cheese fest.

Izzy slathered his bread with the ripe and oozy St. Marcellin. He proclaimed, "It is like butter!" (Albeit a tad more odoriferous, I might add). He sampled the Chaource but the St. Marcellin was clearly his favorite, mine too. Cheese and bread, bread and cheese, some butter in between; we ate and ate until the sun came out again and off we went to play in another park.

At dinner time, neither one of us was particularly hungry so we shared a spinach quiche and called it a day.

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