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Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Few Last Morsels From Paris: Les Glaces et Le Chocolat

Les Glaces: When in Paris you must sample the ice cream whenever you can.

Although Berthillon is the most well-known there are many others worth trying. Many patisseries make their own so look for signs "fait maison" or "artisanal". If you just eat any old ice cream, you will be disappointed. It pays to seek out the best.

Izzy and I did just that when we took a bus ride to sample Le Bac A Glaces.. This old-fashioned glacier is certainly a charming spot in which to enjoy an ice cream sundae with homemade chantilly. Unfortunately, Izzy insisted of having his cup of raspberry sorbet to go because he wanted to play in the cute little park just steps away. Which reminds me..although Parisian restaurants are not kid-friendly, the city itself is. The parks are wonderful and plentiful and seem to magically appear whenever we need one. The sandboxes are huge, filled with enough sand to dig tunnels.

Back to ice cream, there are now many gelaterie in Paris that rival the best French ice creams. Pozzetto is a standout with very grown-up, intense flavors. Izzy didn't seem to mind his cup of dark chocolate.

For a more detailed round-up of ice cream in Paris, check out David Lebovitz.

Le Chocolat: Long ago, whenever I visited Paris, I always made sure to bring back chocolates of one kind or another. Yet there I was with Izzy and we made it until the last day without buying any. Something had to change. On our last afternoon, I was determined to find some chocolate treasures. We stumbled upon a chocolatier only a short walk from our apartment. Jadis et Gourmande is a chain with decent chocolates done up in playful disguises. Look for the Salade Nicoise or the Appetizer tray, all made of chocolate. A great spot for souvenirs that everyone will enjoy. Best part is, you can sample everything before purchasing and the staff was friendly and didn't seem to mind Izzy sticking his nose into everything.

A day of too much chocolat

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