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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Who Can One Rely On For Food Recommendations?

In the past I have always relied upon Patricia Wells and I was never disappointed. Her Food Lover's Guides were detailed and accurate, always leading me to a treasure of one kind or another. This time, however, I did not bring along her book since it had not been updated that recently. Instead I purchased Pudlo Paris, having heard it was one of the better ones. I somehow find it lacking and our lunch meal today was reason alone to toss it aside.

We went to a place called L'Estaminet d'Aromes et Cepages. This quote from the guide drew me in, "Thierry Poincin presents dishes as fresh as the morning dew." None of the dishes mentioned in the review were available and the menu was very limited. Not only that but they were out of many items on the menu and it was 1:30 p.m. On top of that, the service was negligent and we had to find our own bread. Alex was none to pleased since this was his last meal before starting a big project. Our experience left little to be desired and the diners seated next to us were disenchanted as well.

After that experience, I decided that I would ask some locals for advice about tonight's dinner. I stopped a family on the street and asked if they were from the neighborhood. I asked for a suggestion and they pointed me in the direct of a restaurant called Cafe Creme. It was basically a cafe with third-rate food. At least it was cheap. But now where do I turn?

I did purchase the Time Out Eating and Drinking Guide and it lists many of my old favorites so I think I will stick with that from now on. The only issue I have is that it doesn't list enough ice cream stores, chocolatiers or patisseries.

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Anonymous said...

I hear that a certain friend of yours had some excellent recommendations. Have you tried La Marine or Chez Janou, which is nearby? I would love to hear your opinion on them...