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Monday, July 23, 2007

How Much Corn Can A Wee Lad Shuck?

Loads it seems. So Izzy has become our resident corn-shucker. I highly recommend this as the perfect end to an Summer's day. For Izzy it appears to be calming and meditative and I only wish that we needed to eat more than six ears of corn, for the activity could certainly occupy him for at least an hour. As it is now, six ears take about 20 minutes.

Last summer, at the age of three, Izzy began his corn-shucking duties. Back then, he needed some assistance but now he is quite capable of doing it all be himself. He even removes the stubborn silk and is quite delighted with his new ability.

So next time you are seeking some cooking entertainment, pick up several ears and let your kids do the work, while you prepare the rest of dinner.

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