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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What is the real definition of junk food anyway?

I bumped into one of Izzy's teachers, Miss A., as I was on my way to pick him up from school today. She told me that she overheard a conversation between him and some other boys yesterday. Apparently they were discussing junk food. She said that Izzy said something to the effect of :

'junk food? I could eat that all day...' She said she had to laugh thinking that he was the last child she would expect to be eating junk food.

When I asked him about the conversation today he said...B. says that junk food is disgusting. I explained that it wasn't necessarily disgusting but that it wasn't healthy for his body.

Then I asked him what exactly junk food was...he said, 'sugary snacks and salty pretzels..., I eat those things when you don't pack a snack for me.

This all had me wondering about what exactly constitutes junk food. When we asked Alex he said,"Potato chips and things that come in icky bags."
The icky bag aspect opens up a whole realm to which many, many junk food items fall into. After all, potato chips are only the tip of the junk food iceberg.

If I were to begin a list it would include chips of all kinds, cookies, candies, sugary cereals, and pop tarts. There are so many items that would warrant inclusion I couldn't possibly list them

What would you include on the list?


boogaloo dude said...

gosh, junk food. white rice.
refined flour more specifically, partially hydrogenized things, msg?

I love pop tarts, and find solice in eating organic ones from Trader Joe's though they're probably junk too.

Izzy's Mama said...

Eizabeth: White rice as junk food? How can that be? It seems to be a dietary staple in so many cultures..Sushi without rice? Beans without rice? etc..

I'm with you on the Trans-fats though..unless they are naturally occurring..

boogaloo dude said...

oh right i s'pose you're right there. i just had sushi though and i checked. yup. rice.

Bean's Mum said...

Trader Joe's seems to be lax on the partially hydrogenated oils. See: Mini Chicken Tacos. Watch that guy, Joe. He masquerades as healthy but gets us off our guard...

Izzy's Mama said...

I noticed partially hydrogenated soy on the label but yet there are zero transfats..how can that be?

Anonymous said...

There can be partially hydrogenated soy on the ingredient list but no trans fat listed if there is less than 1 gram of trans fat.