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Saturday, July 28, 2007

How Could Plums So Ripe, Turn Out To Be ...

So very wrong! It wasn't the plums' fault though..just mine. The plums were ripe, juicy and syrupy sweet. I had extras and thought they would make a perfect upside down plum cake. Maybe in someone else's oven...

I had a slight inkling that something was amiss, when, after 15 minutes beyond the recommended baking time, the cake still seemed liquified. Perhaps it was the extra juice in the plums but I finally took it out because the top was so brown. I was surprised at how easily it slid from the pan and how lovely it looked.

When I unveiled it this evening it looked like a sodden mess, akin to mushy pancake batter with fruit. I attempted to cut it and then realized that it was

beyond repair. My friend D. kindly suggested that the ends might be edible and one could glean that it may have been a decent cake if something had not gone awry. Perhaps that variety of plum is best left for eating...or a different recipe.

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Anonymous said...

i think it would be really yummy as a crumble with vanilla ice cream...it really wasn't bad!