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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Meat Theory: The Cuter They Are...The Better They Taste..

In my quest to feed my family organic meats, I have been researching the various options available in the way of local meat sources. A few farms in our area do offer shares or buying groups in which one can purchase a side a beef, or even the whole cow if you can corral enough takers.

At the moment, the most feasible option seems to be to purchase a lamb which can easily be split into two shares, without either party feeling deprived for not receiving an important part.

When I inquired about these possibilities to the members of my CSA, one member and I shared the following exchange:

She: In two weeks, we sneak onto the farm and rescue the lambs

Me: I didn't know that you were a vegetarian.

She: No, I'm an uglitarian. I can't bring myself to eat cute things. no ducks, no veal, no lamb, no kittens.

Me: The cuter they are, the better they taste! Lamb and duck are my favorites..bunny is pretty good too.

And I might add that pigs are awfully cute and mighty flavorful.


Anonymous said...

lol, I'll buy into that theory as long as I can add the magnificent caveat, as in, I'll never eat a horse because they are just too glorious & magnificent.
And this does explain my absolute fixation with rabbits, both as food and stress reducing.

Izzy's Mama said...

I don't believe you about the horse..say you find yourself in Paris, dining with horse eaters, and there is some fabulous "cheval" being served..would you politely decline?

As for me, I would have to try it.