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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Off To Paris: Dreaming Of Falafel

Izzy and I left Italy for Paris on July 1. Unfortunately, we left A. behind, as he had business to attend to in Switzerland and Spain. He will catch up with us soon.

Upon arrival, Izzy was out of sorts and fell asleep in the taxi on the way to our apartment. We spent our first afternoon wandering the streets of our neighborhood and playing at my old haunt, Place des Vosges, which happens to have two very large sandboxes. We snacked on a mini-challah and a spinach brik from a jewish bakery on the rue de rosiers and later on made our way back through the Jewish quarter for falafel. I have always been partial to the falafel at Chez Marianne but others swear by L'As du Falafel which I have yet to try. Perhaps a comparison is in the cards during this trip!

We got takeout from Chez Marianne and took it back to our apartment. I bought two sandwiches but one would have been sufficient. Izzy nibbled on bits of the falafel but decided he didn't like the eggplant (which is my favorite part) or the purple and green cabbage (which he ate despite himself). He kept eating the hummus soaked pita which had bits of tomato stuck to it. I first ate this falafel back in 1986 and I still dream of it, even when in New York.

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Anonymous said...

Last I compared, the pita at L'as du falafel was far superior to that of Chez Marriane. I will be curious to hear your evaluation...

On a side note, can you even recognize the area? So many boutiques now... It's like what's happened to the LES in NYC.