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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Paris: In Search Of The Best

Izzy has quickly learned that Paris is a food-lover's paradise. It seems that we have spent the better part of our time either shopping for food or eating it..I am trying to intersperse some cultural highlights into our days but it is difficult when thoughts of chocolate croissants and fresh red currants are dancing in our heads. And let's not forget about the great playgrounds!

Somehow I managed to lead Izzy over to the Musee Picasso and we had a brief though memorable visit there. We had to leave quite quickly when cries for a snack began to mount. Off in search of some decent ice cream which is not always so easy to find. This is part of the reason we spend so much time looking for the right food. For although there are great things to be eaten in Paris, not everything is great and you have to seek out the best.

We actually found some homemade gelato which was fine and then we were off to the sandbox. Today our ice cream find was not as successful and we barely finished half of the overly sugary strawberry, cherry concoction we tried. I should have known better since we bought it near Les Halles which is chock full of tourist traps and the like.. I was actually searching for an ice cream parlour from long ago but was unable to find it. It was impossible to hold off the snack yearning for much longer hence the unsatisfactory results.


Anonymous said...

La meilleure glace se trouve chez Berthillon sur l'ile St. Louis.

Izzy's Mama said...

Mais vraiment Sarah..je mangais des glaces de Berthillon depuis ma premiere voyage en France! I have been searching for better!

Anonymous said...

Je m'en fiche de ce que tu dis!! Il n'y a rien mieux que la cacao amer chez Berthillon!!