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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Entertaining With Ease: Not At My House

I like to entertain and each time I do, I vow that next time it will be simpler. I will be prepared. I will do everything in advance and then just enjoy myself with the guests.

Somehow this morning found me and Izzy, on our way to Union Square to pick up some last minute meat and other incidentals. I figured I could get everything done there and it wouldn't take that long..What happened was that we didn't up leaving here until after 10:30.. I blame the injured sparrow we had to stop to examine. We spent a good 15 minutes peering at it, belly up on the sidewalk. I was deciding how to tend to it when it miraculously righted itself and fluttered to the side of a building. Figuring it was safe enough, we left but we didn't get to NYC until 11:30ish and we were not back home until almost 2:00 p.m.

I thought I had plenty of time. After all, I was only making hamburgers and wienies. Easy as pie? Not with me..The city trip had me exhausted and I needed to take to the couch for a short power nap, and even after that I was still dragging. I didn't start to do a thing til about 3:00 p.m. and the guests were coming at 4:00 p.m. That didn't give me much time to do all that needed to be done, which was too much. For it suddenly dawned on me then that I needed to:

make some popcorn, trim green beans, prepare a fritatta, form hamburger patties, clean the backyard table, tidy the hallway, slice tomatoes and wash some errant dishes, put out some snacks, and make iced tea.

None of this was done by the time people started arriving but I figured I could do it and chit-chat, which ends up making things take longer and I never get to really sit down. How could a burger, wienie and corn dinner be so time consuming? What am I doing wrong?

Izzy, on the other hand, was having a swell time. Frolicking through the sprinkler with his friend O., screaming on the grass and tucking into a picnic table feast with his friend T., who he hasn't seen in a while. At the evening's end he asked, "When can we have another party?" I thought..."When I can hire someone to clean up!"

How can I really refuse the budding social butterfly? Next time I will just make it simple.

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Anonymous said...

"Next time I will make it simple." Where have we heard that before! We all had a great time. Thanks for entertaining us again.