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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Will Izzy Eat This? Sardines With Cream Cheese And Spinach

After school yesterday, Izzy requested a snack of watermelon. While still slurping on his melon, he hopped from his chair and went into the pantry. He pulled out a can of sardines and asked for some to go with his watermelon. Certainly not a winning combination in my opinion but he insisted. I put a few fish in a small bowl for him and he ate a few forkfuls. I was then left with 3/4 of a can of sardines.

Now Izzy has always enjoyed eating sardines but I think I have yet to pack any in his lunchbox, because admittedly, they smell fishy. I figured it was high time to try as I had no other immediate use for the leftovers. What could be healthier than a sardine, cream cheese and spinach sandwich, which I told him I would be making. I have discovered that one trick to getting him to eat more lunch is preparing him in advance, and explaining what exactly will be in his lunchbox. He likes to look forward to it and then seems to eat more.

Stay tuned to see what comes back in his lunchbag!

The Verdict?

Izzy came home with half a sandwich in his lunchbox. He said he liked it but it was too much too finish. Hmmm.. Yesterday he finished all of his pasta and his chickpea/cucumber salad...

p.s. His wrap mat wasn't too stinky but I did toss the sandwich.

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boogaloo dude said...

warm smelly sandwich, or empty tupperware? inquiring minds wanna know.