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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Chez Omar: First Dinner Out And About

On our second night in Paris, I decided it was time to dine out. Fortunately Izzy has adapted his sleep schedule to coincide (at least to a degree) to the late hours the French keep. He now awakens between 9-10 a.m. and goes to sleep between 9-10p.m.

We left our apartment around 7:30 in search of a suitable meal. I didn't choose anything from a guidebook because I had noticed several intriguing possibilities nearby. We didn't have to wander far before we happened upon Chez Omar, a couscous restaurant. I was reminded of my first encounter with couscous during my first visit to Paris and decided this was the spot for our first dinner.

The place looked lively enough, even at the early hour of 7:45 p.m...It turned out we were dining with the geriatric set, as we were sandwiched between two older couples. At first I was worried that Izzy would disturb them but they turned out to be fine company for us, very forgiving of Izzy and mostly enchanted by his fine dining habits.

He couldn't have been a better dining companion. We started with Moroccan salad, which Izzy refused to eat, aside from a few bites of cucumber. We shared a couscous with lamb and a Pastilla de poulet (sweet chicken in a flaky sweet crust). Izzy was thrilled with the couscous and vegetables and couldn't stop eating. I too was quite pleased with my choice. The staff was very accommodating and the fact that we shared didn't seem to phase them. All and all, a delightful meal.

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